Carrageenan Properties & Uses





Individuals worldwide are bombarded by the hectic concerns of making money and travelling for fun or business engagements. Most of this movements demand that we eat in a food outlet that we aren't sure of the ingredients used in food preparations. Most people are sensitive to the nature and safety of additives used in their foodstuff. One of this food additives is carrageenan. Carrageenan is an ingredient that adds flavor to foods making it more delicious. Carrageenan has the following attributes that make it stand the test of times;

  • Safety

Food scientists have proved carrageenan to be a safe food additive. A rigorous manufacturing process has been carried out to ensure that carrageenan has the desired characteristics of a safe food additive.

Degraded carrageenan was a term used for a substance used in medical imaging. The name brought a lot of confusion to the plain carrageenan which is a safe food ingredient. This lead to degraded carrageenan being referred to as Poligeenan to remove the confusion.

  • Preparation method

Carrageenan is prepared in a tender process bearing in mind the sensitive nature of the active ingredients. Food scientists with long experience in food industry ensure sanitary in preparation, and highest standards are adhered to in the whole process.

  • Acquired from natural Source

Many food additives in the markets are chemical based. Seaweeds are the raw materials for preparing carrageenan, a natural source free from chemicals. Freedom from chemicals is a significant advantage in a food industry composed of many chemical based food flavors.

  • False belief that carrageenan can be converted to poligeenan in the stomach

Carrageenan cannot be converted to poligeenan in the stomach. Poligeenan is unsafe in humans. Poligeenan preparation requires a temperature of 194 degrees Fahrenheit. This temperature is very high compared to stomach temperature of 99 degrees Fahrenheit. Besides, poligeenan requires a pH of 1 which is more acidic than the stomach pH of 2.5.